Help to Add Collaborator to Pro Account in C9


I have a Pro Account that I pay monthly for. I can no longer add a collaborator. It says they don’t exist. I don’t have time to do a major move to AWS and suffer from the lower functionality now. I don’t think my collaborators can sign up for a c9 account any more.

Is there any help at all for existing c9 paying clients? All I wish to do is be able to have collaborators again on my Pro account. I am sad that Amazon did not take care of us.

Any help out there?


We’ve ended general signups for You can invite new users to the service if you have a Team account, but otherwise we recommend using AWS Cloud9.


I agree with tmlight. This is a huge obstacle and I am disappointed in Amazon over this.


I went over to Amazon to try this and it is a complicated mess that will take much time to figure out. Plus the best features appear to be gone. Now the Cloud9 I am working with and paying for is “crippled”. Both Amazon and Cloud9 now have significant short falls. I feel betrayed by Amazon to be honest, and sad about it all as I need to find a good solution now.