Help! Gutter is not showing error messages and/or suggestions


The title says it all. I’m using Ruby and the gutter stopped showing any code related error messages.

I found this article in the documentation page :
which talks about language analyses and how by going to I could customize the flow of information and configure it.

However, I still cannot find a way to make it work the way it did before.

Any help will be extremely appreciated.

Thank you .


in which workspace do you see this issue?


the workspace titled ‘ruby’ .


problem solved! Thank you for your time @harutyun



Could anyone provide some insight on how this was resolved? I’m currently experiencing the same issue.

Thanks in advance


@tmwarne do you see any errors in the console? What browser do you use, and for which file type do you see the issue?


@harutyun thanks for the quick response. No errors show. I’m using Google Chrome Version 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit). The issue is occurring on .js and .ejs files.


is user settings>language>enable hints and warnings enabled in preferences panel?
(usersettings>language>@hints if you prefer to use json editor for the settings)


enable hints and warnings is enabled.


@harutyun any other steps I could try?


are errors missing only for ruby or for js as well?
In which workspace do you see this issue?


@harutyun I’m only working with js. Workspace is webdevbootcamp