Help getting basic laravel application to run



I could use some basic help getting a laravel application working on Cloud9. I’ve followed the tutorial here: Everything worked fine, except when I got to this part:

“Run the project with the “Run Project” button in the menu bar on top of the IDE.
If you click the URL that appears in the Run panel below (in the shape of ‘’), you can preview your new Laravel app.”

When I click the Run Project button, a tab open up at the bottom with the title PHP - Idle, and nothing more. This is my first time using Cloud 9, so I’m sure I’m simply not looking in the right place. Any suggestions?

I’ve tried changing the “Runner” to PHP/Apache. When I do that and click on Run, it briefly says it is running, then stops. I don’t see anything that looks like a website appear anywhere.

Also, it would be nice if the documentation for setting up Laravel included steps to show hidden files. The documentation states:

“Edit the Laravel environment configuration file “.env” (in the root directory)”

However, that .env file does not appear by default, as hidden files are not shown by default.


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I figured it out. I use a javascript blocker browser plugin called “noscript”, and it was blocking some javascript essential for Cloud9 to function properly.



Awesome, thank you so much for mentioning that @clone45!


Good good @clone45 :smile:

The way that you would edit the .env file is by opening a terminal with alt + T and doing:

  1. cd / To go to root.
  2. sudo vim .env To edit the file.