Hello-world.html -> Live preview -> 404


I created an HTML5 workspace. The README.md told me to open the hello-world.html file, press the preview button, and select live preview. A browser panel pops up that says 404, page not found. What am I doing wrong?


Nothing. This is a mildly annoying behavior, but the reason you are seeing that is because the preview takes a while to start. So when you click run, it starts the preview engine, and tells the browser to open that page. Unfortunately, when the browser tries to access it, the preview hasn’t started yet, so it 404s. Clicking refresh will solve it, and if you click the little popout button next to the dropdown that says Browser, it will open the page in a new tab, which is a more reliable way of previewing, as it’s completely independent of Cloud9 at that point.


The tab has been open for over 30 minutes and I have just hit refreshed and it is still 404. I tried the popout button and it’s still 404 as well.