Having truble Debugging Xcart Ecommerce with cloud 9


My name is Shofiul Alam. I am a new member of Cloud 9 community. I am a developer working on creating module in Xcart PHP platform. I am trying to debug different link which call different controller and view classes.
But I did not able to hit my break point. I configured my work space as a project cloned with git repository and I uploaded my project src to workplace and pushed it to git repo.

I installed mysql and apache server and installed xcart. After I try to use built in Apache http runner with debug mode enabled, then it run but no preview pop up or it never hit my break point.

I tried to change runner from Apache HTTP HTML to PHP (Built in Web server) but it even more worse because it break my Xcart application as I installed the Xcart with Apache2.

As I used xdebug in PHPStorm IDE it create a session Id and looking for a session id response from browser. If the session id is return from browser then it connected to the debugger and hit the break point.

Is cloud 9 debugger work in the same way?

If not then how cloud 9 debugger recognize debug session and keep continue that session one link to another link?

I saw the video provided with a guide line how to use debugger. But it run only home page, it didn’t show how to hit another controller by going another link page.

Can any one please give the answer.