Having problems with snippets



I am using snippets for ejs files and cannot seem to get it to work. It shows my snippet, for example if I type link it shows up link ejs.snippets but when I hit tab nothing happens besides the word link is left. I have this in my snippet file:
snippet link
<link href="{1}" rel="{2}" type="${3}>


could you try writing link pressing escape to close autocomplete popup and only then pressing tab. With autocomplete it may not work atm. because snippets get lower priority than words, (we are working on a fix for this atm.)


I hit escape and then the popup went away and hit tab and it just kept the word link there and that was it. Do I need a separate js file or anything? Or any code at the top to make this work?


Also is there documentation on what the built in autocomplete or snippets are? I added in: (# scope: ejs, html) to my snippet file and still seems to not be working. Is there a way I am putting the snippet file in the wrong place is there a way to put it into my settings so I do not have to re put this file into all my projects?