Having disaster with my Cloud9 workspace



I’m working on a Python project in my workspace. (markyisri65/coyotebot). Now, when I try to type in the terminal, it just says reconnecting.

I would save and download the project and start again but it tells me that the VFS connection does not exist.

Please, please, help me with this! I have important stuff in there I want saved!


Hello @MarkYisri ,according to my little experience building a Saasapp using cloud9,when you see 'reconnecting' at the top of editor,i deduced that the request is trying to reach cloud9 servers to be saved.This could be as a result of slow internet connectivity but once stable,everything is clear and bold,so press Ctrl + S on windows to save or Command + S on mac to save.Alternatively,go to file,then S to save.Thank you.