Has Cloud9 been abandoned?


Seems like there haven’t been much updates since Amazon bought it. Did they just buy it so they can say they own it and cash in the residual subscriptions?

c9 is great but there’s still a lot of room for improvement, and I don’t want to pay for a product if the money is just going to Bezos and not making the product better.


you can launch a free version hosted on your own system and connect it through amazon it will handle the authentication and what nots if you havent tried it the new updates in it it is quite nice


There are a lot of people in the forum who have had ongoing credit card issues, cant get help from support - at all! – I dont know if its abandoned but def expect little to no help with anything. And I sure wouldnt pay for anything. And that is if you could even make the purchase. There are other options out there.


@thebagleguy guy you mean you can host c9 yourself? I would consider that, those docs are pretty hectic though.

@wadesmart do you know any IDEs (or terminals) that have tabbed terminals with run configurations like c9? I really value that part.


These were posted as alternatives and I have not any except the first one.






I can put together a quick step-by-step guide of what I did to put the Amazon cloud instance up and running. It’s not too hard but yeah those documents are all over the place had to have 5 different parts of the documentation open at once. but yeah it uses the ssh connection to establish a connection to the server so you do not incur any costs and you use aws identity manager to manage user accounts so you can actually get the collaboration function working.
i have tested out codeanywhere and koding but havent tried them lately i prefer self hosted solutions. should have something together for that in a little while


also see https://www.theia-ide.org/ as a self-hosted alternative


that looks to be a containerized version of cloud 9 haha


as far as I know, it’s a different codebase, but its one of the few that are actively maintained.
I have mostly been using codiad up to this point, but theia seems like an interesting alternative.

If you’re just looking for containerized cloud9, then I can recommend this build: https://github.com/eea/eea.docker.cloud9 It has worked well in testing for me.


Yes, it has.

Although there has been no official statement it is self evident from the lack of support, platform upgrades and official statements!