Gutter numbers do not appear correctly




In some cases, the numbers on the gutter do not display correctly. See screenshot:

It fixes itself if I toggle the gutter off then on again. Not even a hard reload will fix it. I’ve experienced this problem on both Mac and PC, and on different workspaces. Haven’t tried any other browser other than Chrome. I am using the latest version at the time of this writing (v61.0.3163.100).


Would you mind seeing if this affects other browsers on your machine? Just making sure, are these line numbers transitioning from the tens to the hundreds, the hundreds to the thousands, or more?

You may want to log a bug with the Ace editor as well; in theory, this could affect the editor in other locations as well:



I tested this in Firefox and Safari in a Mac. This issue is only on Google Chrome. This effects more than the tens. Today, the numbers only show a single digit (1 - 9).



After some testing, it seems like may be related to the theme I am using on my workspaces. I am using the Cloud9 Night, Dark Classic theme. There are apparently two versions of the Dark Classic Theme, a newer version with smaller text, but the one I am using is like the Flat Classic text but using the Dark Classic Theme.