Grouping of workspaces



First off, allow me to profusely thank you for providing unlimited private projects with the premium plan!

With that said, is there a way for us to group related projects in folders or tags? As you can imagine it can get pretty tedious to look for the project you want unless you adhere to some sort of strict nomenclature.

As we know from the popular joke, one of the most difficult to do in computer science is naming things. The inability to rename workspaces means that one has to get the name right in the first instance or rebuild the workspace under a desired name so it adds to the extra steps.

So anyway, other than prefixes, how do you guys “group” your workspaces?


Ok here’s an honest response:

I went back and forth in naming things, and gave up. my branch names are short, my workspace names are short.
It made my life better! if it’s not worth remembering, it’s propably not worth keeping! freedom!

But seriously: Improving the dashboard is on our internal roadmap, but we are not likely to work on this very soon.


I use a naming scheme like <client>-<project>, e.g. cloud9-ide or google-mail. This way, I can type google- into the search box to find all projects by client google, or -mail to find mail projects for all clients. Works very well for me. Of course, folders would be a great addition.