GPU hardware support for machine learning / deep learning?


I am a machine learning research engineer, and I’m interested in seeing if Cloud9 can support my workflow. I would like to install some machine learning software (namely, TensorFlow or Caffe) on Ubuntu. These packages are greatly aided by having physical Nvidia GPUs that can run CUDA. Does Cloud 9 offer machines with physical Nvidia GPUs for users? I would be happy to pay for this capability if the pricing is reasonable.


I would assume no, and will be no.

Because c9 is for testing and development, you don’t need high performance to test something.


If Cloud9 can do GPU CUDA support I would be very interested. I have both Tensorflow and Magneta working on Cloud9 but it is ridiculously slow and GPU support can bump the speed by x16. Lots of Neural Network stuff is just testing. In my case I just try to get things working.

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