Google Connection Failed


I am working within a shared workspace.

Upon login, everything appears to load ok in the workspace, however there is a red alert? just left of the Cloud9 menu at the top left of the screen: “Google: Connection Failed”

On inspection, it appears to be a context sensitive menu, which has one active menu item within: Developers Console.

When I try to click on the Developers Console, nothing happens.

Q: What does this “Google: Connection Failed” mean? This application connects to GAE and GAS. I have successfully tested pulling files from Google Drive, and pushing to GAE.

Any additional info appreciated


It looks like the owner of the workspace you were invited to created a workspace connected to their Google Cloud Platform account. This is a feature we introduced recently. It allows you to write apps on Cloud9, run a preview inside your workspace, and then deploy them to Google App Engine.

For this type of workspace, only the owner has access to their Google account. This is why you are seeing an error message. I recommend you collaborate on a normal workspace unless you are making use of the App Engine deployment function.


Thanks for the prompt response.

I read that this is only a problem if you are using the integrated cloud9 deploy feature to gae.

We are currently using the gae gcloud toolkit scripts so we have not seen any issues to date.

Q: Are there any other google/c9 restrictions that we should be aware of b/c of our setup?