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My website has a backend which is handled by Google App Engine. In order to develop the backend, I need to be able to run the Google App Engine development server in my development environment. This server is provided by the script included with the App Engine SDK.

The server script requires Python 2.7 and runs fine in the Cloud 9 IDE, but I can’t seem to get any requests to pass to it. I use the following command to launch the script: --host $IP --port 8081 --admin_host $IP --admin_port 8082 ./backend/

The script output indicates that it successfully binds to and, but I can’t the pages to load when I send it requests.

There isn’t much information on developing in Google App Engine on Cloud 9, so I’m at a loss as to how to fix this problem. Does anyone have any insight or advice as to how to get the development server to work?



Hey @Pastamancer :smiley:,

You may need to use $PORT for the --port value.


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Thanks for the response, I have seen that project. The problem is that it is 3 years old, and the script is significantly different now. It needs two ports to bind to, as it runs both an administrative backend and the user’s python script. Also, $PORT is always 8080.

According to Cloud 9 docs, 8081 and 8082 are also bindable ports, I’m trying to figure out why traffic does not seem to be coming in on them.


Hi Patrick,

Have you taken a look at our multiple ports doc yet? In sort, multiple ports are supported, but they are accessed with a port specifier.




I can’t seem to access the link in your comment. Can you check that it works?


Huh, weird! :confused:

The link should be:


This works for me - gcloud has been updated a lot since the original post. app.yaml --enable_host_checking=false --admin_port 8081  --enable_console=true