Google Analytics


Has anyone experienced an issue when trying to create a Google Analytics include file? If I create a new file, paste in my tracking script and try to save the file as analyticstracking.php I get the attached error:


If I save the file as analytictracking.php it works. Now here comes the weird part, I can go into the file browser and rename the newly saved analytictracking.php file to analyticstracking.php and it works just fine.

Could there be something reserved in C9 that would prevent that type of file name?

Thanks for any info/feedback!


Liikely you have an adblocker, which blocks all files named analyticstracking.php.
Try disabling it ore opening the ide in incognito window.


Thank you, that was it. I hadn’t noticed in the past so perhaps some code changes to the blocker were causing the issues. Regardless, it works. Thanks again!