Goodbye, Cloud9


Farewell, C9. It’s been a pleasure. You are the people who got me to where I am today, programming. And I love what I do and it’s all thanks to you.

So here’s a formal goodbye to the good C9, before it was made bad by Amazon.

I want to thank every single member of C9 staff for providing such an amazing service and for a free plan that just kept on giving.

Farewell, Cloud9,

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caplitalists snap up start-ups with their filthy $$$ and ruin everything,

but hey, c’est la vie



aabbccsmith, I couldn’t express my feelings better …
It was best of the best free services I ever used.
I will make some screenshots before c9 shut down just to have a Good Ol’ Days memory.
If something is so good as c9, I think there is no way to repeat it, but who knows, life goes on…
Billion times thanks to each and every c9 team member!

Best regards,



I am both a paying c9 user and have the education account $1 per month, best education service ever. Have helped hundred of kids learn cloud9. I have been looking at the methods to convert my repositories to AWS. It looks really confusing, and I am well aware that it is probably going to have issues.

Also I just counted and I have 147 cloud9 repositories! I don’t think I am going to convert each one to AWS. I think I will be stopping my payment plan. Really too bad. I always refer to old programs and it is such a waste for it all to be deleted.



Maybe look into It is Visual Studio Code in the cloud. Only downside is that it is a very new product, so there are some small bugs in several places. It can also be self-hosted.

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Thank you! Will take a look. I’m going to miss C9 a ton!