Go to Anything Pulls Up Nothing

When I use “Go to Anything” to search for files, nothing comes up. I even tried un-adding and re-adding my main directory as a “favorite”. This used to work before Amazon acquired c9.

Please help. This makes c9 much less usable.


I’m having the same problem. Could someone please look at this? Pretty much wrecks my workflow.


Sorry to hear that you’re having issues. Could you please clarify a bit more what exactly is not working for you? If you search for exact filename, does it appear? Or you do partial search similar to this? https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=901209&tstart=0

If I search for an exact filename or even a full path, I see “No files found”. When this issue occurred intermittently on the old cloud 9, I would remove my working directory from “favorites” and re-add it, and that would usually fix it.

Please fix this issue urgently. Losing this feature pretty much ruins my workflow.

I’ve attached a few images to demonstrate.



As suggested in the thread here, I tried adding a directory containing very few files and searching for an exact filename still didn’t pull anything up. Only “No files found”. After refreshing my page, files started showing up.

Any update on this? Never had a problem with this before the acquisition. (Why did the acquisition entail having to redo the “Go To” feature, by the way?)

The worst is that it’s not even consistently reproducible. Some days it works fine (like it used to work all of the time). But Cloud9 isn’t dependable anymore :frowning:

…and status report?

Even after using the favorites work around, this issue still exists intermittently. Pulling up a file now takes 10 seconds instead of less than one. :laughing:

Please fix this! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: