Go debugger isn't working


After click run button with debug mode I get following message everytime. “Listening on port 15475”.
But debugging session does not start, although all processes seem to be there.

Go runner file

// This file overrides the built-in go runner
// For more information see http://docs.c9.io:8080/#!/api/run-method-run
"script": [
"set -e",
"if [ \"$debug\" == true ]; then ",
"    go build -gcflags \"-N -l\" $file",
"    gdbserver --once :15475 \"$file_path/$file_base_name\" $args",
"    go run $file $args",
 "debugport": 15475,
 "debugger": "gdb",
 "$debugDefaultState": false,
 "executable": "$file_path/$file_base_name",
 "maxdepth": 50,
 "env": {},
 "selector": "source.go",
 "info": "Your code is running at \\033[01;34m$url\\033[00m.\n\\033[01;31mImportant:\\033[00m use     \\033[01;32mos.Getenv('PORT')\\033[00m as the port and \\033[01;32mos.Getenv('IP')\\033[00m as the host in your  scripts!\n"


Same issue.
I found some warning in browser console.
Disregard terminal: xxxxx


Same issue!

i won’t upgrade to pro version without a working debugger.
go back to my Studio Code