Go - Could not setup or start Go completion daemon, please reload to try again



I can’t seem to get Go auto-completion daemon to start, I’ve tried reloading the page numerous times, but it does not work. The gofmt works fine and will format my code but I don’t know why it doesn’t want to start.

I’m using Amazon Ubuntu 16 AWS.

I’ve installed Go from the website and have been using it for years, I know how to get it up and running.

Any information would be great as the replies to the other related posts have fallen on deaf ears. I can justify the $20 a month if somebody says anything in response to trying to help me getting this to work. Thanks.


Where is your go binary, is it available on path from non-interactive terminals.
The code that sets up the completer is at https://github.com/c9/core/blob/master/plugins/c9.ide.language.go/worker/go_completer.js#L162
maybe running that command manually would help you to find what is going wrong.

If no, you can contact support referencing this issue, and ask one of our support engineers to debug the issue on your vm.


I had the same issue. sudo apt install gocode fixed it for me.