GitHub Education Student Developer Pack Integration


While I’m aware of the Education plan, I think a great way to get exposure and offer students Cloud9 resources as part of a package would be to try to get into the GitHub Educate pack. I personally think students would jump on board when getting Cloud9 as part of the available resources, and would greatly appreciate that you’re providing the service. I also think it’s a great solution to the credit card problem, since the students need to verify their status as students, providing that verification. Before you say that the education plan covers this, yes, it does, but this would also be useful for students who may not get Cloud9 as part of their course but would still like to use it.



Yes, it will be very benificial to the students if they are getting resources as a part of the package because it will definelty solve the problem of the credit card as most of the students does not have credit card.Thanks