GitHub account won't connect in UI


They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

Obviously, I want to connect my workspace to my GitHub account. Seems straightforward: click Repositories menu item on the left, then click GitHub CONNECT button (Top one on the right) and I should be prompted to enter GitHub credentials…Instead, FLASH and taken to my dashboard.


Do you have Disconnect, Ghostery, Adblock, uBlock or similar extensions running in your browser? They may be blocking the connection to Github.


Nope. But I understand your reasoning. I will try at home tonight (I work for a school. There’s always some kind of “protection” happening. Thanks!


The Google and BitBucket buttons work just fine….


Just in case others have this problem and view this thread…It seems GitHub is rejecting the auto-entreaty from Cloud9 due to DOS or similar concerns. The ‘Flash’ I spoke of is a successful re-direct to GitHub, but an immediate rejection. That eliminates the blocker hypothesis (since BitBucket et al work). I created another GitHub account and the problem was solved.