Git support in code editor



Hi there.
There are a few online ide now, but c9 is really a good online ide for deverlopers like me, and i have a some suggestions for you: 1. there are so many people who store their code in github, so i wish you guys can make c9 support git, if you do this, believe me, much more people will like it, and use your ide. 2. i’m thinking about it…


Cloud9 does support Git, and comes with it already installed. In fact, they went even further and added a button to link your account to GitHub, which, among other things, adds your SSH public key to GitHub and allows you to clone GitHub repositories directly from your Dashboard. If you’re asking about a GUI for Git, I believe there is an experimental “Changes” pane, but I don’t know much more about it. If there’s something else you’re looking for, keep in mind that Cloud9 workspaces are Ubuntu containers, so if it works on Ubuntu, it’ll probably work on Cloud9. In my opinion, the ability to code and test as if you’re on your production server is unparalleled, but if there’s anything you need specifically, just ask.


Thanks for your reply, I know there is no GUI from git, it only works in the terminal…:worried:


The “Changes” pane is experimental but works quite well, I use it all the time. See Git graphical ui


Mostly I just use (in the Terminal):

  • git status
  • git add .
  • git commit -m “Updating blah blah”
  • git push
  • git pull

To open Terminal - right-click the top folder (in Workspaces) - and select “Open Terminal Here”.

@jb3-2 Changes pane is cool! Just turned it on in Preferences & reopened c9. Beautiful ! I love it !!


Where is this button to link my account to GitHub? It took me a long time and many steps to accomplish what you say can be done with a button.


Just make sure you’re logged in, go to, then connect your GitHub. Then, in the list of your workspaces, click on Repositories at the left and you can clone repositories to new workspaces from there.