Git commits from c9 are not showing up as contributions on GitHub


Hi. I was wondering why git commits from the c9 bash/terminal don’t get counted as contributions on github.

Is there some sort of git config setting I have to set?

If you visit
it shows I am the contributor but it doesn’t show up on the contribution graph.

I’m going to have to use WebStorm again >:\ so my commits get counted as contributions
pushing from my windows terminal with the local env set up.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


I just noticed the same. Did you get it figured out? I’m wondering if it’s a time zone issue or something …


Are you sure this is happening? On my end, I see all of your contributions on the graph

There appear to be 6 commits here, and as you can see below, they all appear on the contribution graph:

It’s entirely possible that it’s the timing, or maybe because you’re that user, it behaves differently.