Gherkin Source Code Consistently and Repeatedly Erased



I’m working in a shared C9 workspace, and gherkin source code of mine is repeatedly erased from a particular file. It consistently happens 10 seconds after the code is pasted back, and happens across multiple devices. No terminals are open, and no code is running to cause this. It only specifically happens with this one file, and we’re not sure why. The is literally erased in front of me, even if it already was there. It’s not a desync issue as far as I can tell, because the other user in the workspace was able to paste it there, and it showed on my screen and I was able to copy it. Additionally, it seems to happen at the same exact time across multiple devices. It happens regardless of whether the file was saved, and regardless of whether the file is open. If I paste the code in, save, and close the file, it will still erase it. The file itself is not erased, just the code in it. Also, the file is indicated to have unsaved changes if I try to close it after the code is erased, but will still be empty after reopening, even if I did not save it.


Additionally, the file’s code will even be erased when no instances of the workspace are open across any devices. Closing the workspace and reopening it does not bring the code back either.