Getting webpack-dev-server to run in cloud9



Just tested this and seems to work. But I find it rather strange that we have to now access the application without HTTPS…


Is there any way to access the application on HTTPS?


Per the update - they allow multiple ports now … Link.

With that factor I was able to setup successfully. Oh for the new people & don’t try this code literally - the {$C9_HOSTNAME} is just my short hand … put $C9_HOSTNAME into c9’s console to see what your string literal would be & paste it in there & don’t use the brackets.

# Procfile
backend: bin/rails s -b {$C9_HOSTNAME} -p 8082
frontend: bin/webpack-dev-server

Then …

# config/webpacker.yml
    https: true
    host:  {$C9_HOSTNAME}
    port: 8083

Working successfully for me thus far - my example has a few other issues I need to handle.

Also for rails - they provide a special section detailing the full YAML file config for c9 - Link