Getting Started with Meteor


Thanks dtrimsd. I will give that a shot. I’m currently working on some tutorials on a local server but when I come to build my msc project I will hopefully build it on c9. I’m guessing all current tutorials are still relevant to the updated Meteor 1.4?


I’m guessing all current tutorials are still relevant to the updated Meteor 1.4?

I’d have to say they are just barely relevant and on their last gasp. All sorts of things are changing.

There was one breaking change with 1.4.

Going forward MDG is supporting React and Angular. The support for Blaze will be taken over by the community.

If you look at the new To Do App Blaze tutorial you’ll see foreshadowing of the direction things are going You’d probably be better off working thru the React tutorial.

Meteor’s current packaging system is on its last legs. They are converting over to using NPM.

They are building a new server-side tool, Apollo, which will be replacing some of the existing application. They are supposed to be adding a layer on top of Apollo that will continue to provide a Meteor like method. I don’t know how many more releases they will do that though.

It appears that the direction they are going will provide a much more robust toolset for being able to develop and support far more complex applications. The sad thing is that the simple and almost magical Meteor we first bumped into is disappearing.

This is just my opinion.


Also, don’t bother learning Iron Router because that’s being (been?) abandoned and I see reports of it breaking when used with newer Meteor releases. I believe Flow Router is the current suggestion though I’ve seen some posts mentioning that React has its own router.


Thanks that advice, so far I have been using the FLow Router. I did also hear that a lot of people are having problems with account password with the npm [bcryt]. ( I have had a bit of trouble with it on a mac that im using.


Thanks so much Dave (@dtrimsd) for all your help while you are such reluctant to join us :slight_smile:

I might have something additional to increase your ‘desire’ . :smile: Could I ask?

I thought the command $ meteor --port $IP:$PORT was just needed for the first time but it stucks on “Starting your app” (and can not finish it) when I just use the command $ meteor alone in my next tries and while it only takes 3-4 minutes to get the app run with $ meteor --port $IP:$PORT. Does it require to be addressed?

Thanks once again.

F.N. : Apologies for the unnecessary saucy (if there is) in my words


Yes, you may. No problem on the “attitude”. ;o)

Good question. I’ve always used either :
meteor --port $IP:$PORT
meteor -p 8080

If you run meteor without the --port or -p option it defaults to 3000. Apparently c9 doesn’t like that.

I tried with just meteor and meteor -p 3000 and it just sits there trying to start.

According to ports 8081 and 8082 are available. I’ve never gotten them to work using the -p or --port flag.


@dtrimsd maybe I’m missing something obvious but do you know what’s the main reason your steps work and the original post doesn’t? Is it the fact that you’re installing it on a blank Ubuntu workspace or is there something else that’s different?


Alrighty, I’ve updated the top post, thank you again for your contributions and discussion. Let me know if further changes are necessary :thumbsup:


I’ve just tried this but the app stalls after

$ meteor --port $IP:$PORT

It will start if I just use:

$ meteor

but then I can’t access it because its on the wrong port.

I’m using a 2.5GB Memory instance, and Meteor is at

I don’t see any errors, just hangs, so not sure how to troubleshoot…




I started over again and got the demo application to work, so it must be app specific. Any suggestions still welcome, especially around what log files I could look further into…




If my understanding is correct, there seems to be no way to get Meteor to work in Cloud9 without paying $19/ month for premium service. As a new user, I find this frustrating. Cloud9 offers a free service, but then says that oh! your stuff wont work here unless you pay up first. So, as a prospective customer, why should I pay first if I don’t know that Meteor can run on cloud9? I haven’t seen any recent posts or records of anyone getting Meteor to work in cloud9, with or without premium service. Are there any such success stories out there?


There is an issue with the latest version of meteor ( that stops one from redirecting to a new port.

Is there a way of installing a previous version of meteor on cloud 9?


@iain it seems the Meteor team has a release parameter you can pass to their endpoint when you download Meteor. So to specify a certain version, say, you could do:

curl ""  


you should add this step

$ meteor npm install --save babel-runtime

When I try to start the server, I get an error message that this is missing.

Once I add it, everything is golden.



for me,
I needed to do this command
$ meteor npm install --save babel-runtime
in the app directory


Awesome, just updated it and tested myself. Everything is good now, thank you for helping!


Hi Brady, I had set up 5 projects plus my main Meteor one on a new C9 account, and was about to move my day job company onto it for Angular. for 6 devs.

My whole reason for moving to C9 was easy collaboration for the Meteor project, so after I ran into the hassles others have had on this thread, I was sadly about to abandon C9 and move everything back off of it. Totally understand it wasn’t you guys’ fault.

So is the bottom line that everything is still peachy if I just upgrade?


Meteor is still resource intensive, from what I understand, so I’d make sure it will work well for you on Cloud9. I don’t feel comfortable giving it the global stamp of approval so definitely make sure it works for you before diving in head first.

I do feel comfortable giving the stamp of approval for a hello world because I confirmed that as working. But I’m more than aware that a hello world isn’t enough to switch over your company to use Cloud9 so that’s why I want to be cautious about what I guarantee here :slight_smile:

Server Response Delay in Meteor -- 1-3 minutes

Bring back meteor workspaces!!! Don’t give up!!!


Unfortunately, Meteor Workspace were removed due to licensing issues with MongoDB. You can read @timjrobinson’s explanation here:

New user looking for docs and a few other newbie questions