Getting Started with EmberJS



EmberJS is a client side JavaScript framework for writing ambitious web applications. Find out more about EmberJS from the EmberJS Guides.

Follow these steps to create an EmberJS application using Ember’s famous starter kit.

  1. Create a workspace
  2. Go to terminal and clone the git starter kit repository using the following command
git clone
  1. Run your application by opening your main Ember file and hitting the Run button
  2. Preview your application using https://{{your application URL}}

Ember CLI

Ember 2 CLI - installing
Tutorials - Table of Contents

Hey Brady, I have followed the steps you are suggesting (after installing npm, node, and watchman) and my demo app seems to be running without following the steps in the video.

Actually it was impossible for me to follow the video as under the “vendor” file I had a very much shorter list of files, that did not include .ember-cli. Does this mean that I do not have to change to port 8080 anymore or am I doing something wrong?

Please provide some feedack cause either the video is obsolete or I am doing something wrong.

Ty in advance.


Most likely the video is obsolete. Can you include any steps you took to get the cli working for you? Or maybe it just worked right away?


Sorry I was away. I ve contacted the maker and he too told me the same (that it might be obsolete). It connected right away but I dont think the livereload feature was on… How could it be without changing to the 8080/01 ports?