Getting started with Cloud 9: Question



So I’m on my Mac, and coming from using home brew. Is there a package manager in the terminal for Cloud 9, and if so, are the commands similar to that of Terminal on my Mac. Also can I install things such as MySQL, PhP, Grunt, ruby, Bower, and will they stay installed in my account, meaning If I log on a computer else ware, I will have them already installed?

  • Seth

P.S. I am use to using bash


C9 works just like if you were using a machine with Ubuntu Linux installed, except with fewer RAM, disk, etc. Meaning you can install basically anything you would install in a regular machine.

The package manager usually used with Ubuntu is apt-get, with it you can install most things in a stable version, including those you mentioned.

And yes, all your workspace information is saved in the cloud, so if you log in from somewhere else, all your stuff will still be there.

Have fun!