Getting started on a Salesforce workspace



Hello, I’m following a course for learning the salesforce development ecosystem.
The course’s IDE of choice is Eclipse, while I would choose to use Cloud9.
I created my dev ORG account and generated my Cloud9 salesforce dev environment by providing my generated custom domain and credentials, so so far, so good!
However in the course lecture during the Eclipse configuration demo, there’s a section on choosing components for your force work environment. It’s not clear to me if there’s a similar selection process in the Cloud9 environment?


Cloud9 loads all components by default, but you can customize list of loaded components by opening the package.xml file


Great! I was hoping that was the case. Thanks.


So, looking at the defaults of the package.xml that was generated, I see 5 items selected:

  1. ApexClass
  2. ApexComponentApexPage
  3. ApexTrigger , and,
  4. AuraDefinitionBundle

Would this be considered “all components” ? I’ll have more of an idea about this once I get further into the course, but there seems to be a huge number of these that aren’t selected.


I think that’s all object types that contain code.


Yep. You have aura for lighting, classes for Apex classes, pages for VF pages, components for VF components and triggers for triggers by default. Those also are what syncs so you can make a scraps.html and have clean code without losing anything and not syncing for instance. All the rest can really be ignored unless you really get into it and have time for custom plugins down the road.