Getting Node.js 8 debugging to work



Do you have a custom runner? the new default runner on cloud9 checks for version before passing flags to node
If you want to keep the custom runner, and you need only support for new node, the following runner should work:

    "script": [
        "set -e",
        "if ! [ \"$debug\" == true ]; then ",
        "   node $file $args",
        "   node --inspect-brk=$debugport $file $args",
    "debugger": "v8",
    "debugport": 15454,
    "selector": "source.js"


thank you ! it is working perfectly :slight_smile:
Good wishes for Cloud9 :love_letter:


@harutyun my legacy cloud9 workspace is working fine but i can’t run debugging in aws cloud9 … actually it did not give any error message but the debugging tab is not firing and not working

in my legacy c9 workspace says Debugger attached before run the debugger but my aws c9 is not printing or working


it may take couple more days for this change to be deployed on aws cloud9


The debugger seems not running after the update for node v6.11.1
I dont’ see “Debugger listening…” and the doesn’t run


it is now working after 6.11.1 in cloud9 non-aws version. I tested yesterday , may be it will take couple of days to deployed in AWS too


Any update on getting this to work on AWS?