Getting error "spawn ENOMEM" in workspace




I have a ssh workspace that throws me spawn ENOMEM after using for sometime. On checking for issue I could find that this happens because the machine goes out of memory. On further analysis, I found the reason why the machine runs out of memory. The reason is whenever I refresh the workspace or close and open a terminal I see a defunct (Zombie) tmux process being created. This happens everytime I run a build in the workspace as well.

Can anyone please help me out to resolve this.



Hey @janardhan, C9 uses tmux for it’s terminal windows. If you press alt + T and then tmux ls, you’ll see one more tmux session than before.

Not sure if this answers your question though. I had one issue with C9’s database of users back when it first came out not being able to invite one of my friends to a workspace but that was years ago and the only time C9 had the issue itself, every other time I was able to figure out what was wrong in the code or otherwise.

Maybe try killing the tmux sessions or clone into a fresh workspace if you can.


@mikeumus : Thanks for your reply. But the issue is something different, Everytime I close a terminal or run a build the tmux gets detached but not killed. I see a Zombie process created as seen in the screen shot. This happens only in the SSH workspace. You can try in your workspace as well.



Hum, in my SSH workspace I just have this when I look for tmux sessions:

☁ scrapy_phishtank [AWS-dev] ⚡ tmux ls mikeumus@phishnet_507: 1 windows (created Wed Dec 2 05:47:07 2015) [133x29] (attached)