Getting 'Disk quota reached' error although my workspace takes up nothing near the allotted 2 GB


I ran quota -s after getting the error a couple times and it showed that I was using 100% of 2 GB. I know for sure that it isn’t my workspace that’s taking up all the space (it amounts to a measly 183 MB). What folders specifically should I be targeting and cleaning up?


It depends on what programs you run, (often there may be some large files in /tmp, /var/log, ~/.npm, ~/.nvm etc.). You can use du -h -t 50M / to get better idea which files take most of the space.
Also issue may be caused by running apt-get upgrade or chmod /, which modify many files in the original image.


So I ran du -h -t 50M / and it looks like ./.local/share/heroku/tmp is taking up 1.7GB itself. I know neither what this folder contains and nor if I need it. Is it safe to delete this folder?