Getting back into coding and need help with iPython Notebook


Left the programming field several years back, but recently signed up for a data analyst class at Udacity. I need to be able to setup and run python and use it to analyze data. The first project is to use iPython notebook 2.7 to run a ipynb file against a google spread sheet.

I feel confident that if I can get this working I can do anything needed for the course on C9.

Thanks in advance for any help!



Thanks for writing in, and best of luck with getting back to programming. Sounds exciting!

If you are experiencing a specific issue with Cloud9, please post the details about the error and any screenshots you can take of it, and we’ll try to help.



I would be curious if there any pointers about setting up and using ipython in the c9 world? I know this is a clueless question, but I am looking for a foothold…


Any guide made for Ubuntu 14.04 should work fine on Cloud9. Is there anything in particular you’re having trouble with?


I’m getting started with iPython Notebooks on C9 as well, so maybe I can piggyback on this question.

Stackoverflow, says the way to load an iPython Notebook is

ipython notebook dream.ipynb

But when I do so, I’m told to please install ipython-notebook. But I couldn’t install it, pip and apt-get didn’t work.


check ipython site
Now It suggests running

sudo pip install "ipython[all]"