Generating Cloud9 SSH Key


I am new to Cloud9, and have not coded in years (double digits). I am currently taking an online class that requires I set up a “stage” and “prod” environment using

I cannot find the instructions on how to generate an ssh key in Cloud9 so that I can set up my new environments.

Thanking you in advance for your patience, and assistance.



Hi Glamon,

Welcome back to coding.

I’m understanding you to mean ssh type keys.

here is a good simple tutorial–2

Maybe its simple classwork so privacy / security won’t be important, but it sounds like there could be a conflict between having the keys stored on a public instance here.

And there are ways to have the key stored on the machine in front of you, and using the -A or -a option for key agent forwarding. I won’t try to explain it, even that I’ve gotten it working using someone else’s instructions.