Gateway Rejected: avs


Hello guys,
I’m from Brazil and i’ve tried to upgrade my plan. But i received the follow message: Gateway Rejected: avs
I used my brazilian postal code. Any ideas to solve that?

I currently use my card at others international companies and never had that problem.

Thank you


I got the same thing. I’ve asked in another post. Waiting to hear back.


The one thing that does happen sometimes, is that when a company tries to ping your card, your bank blocks it. That could be the situtation here.


The mesage (gateway - AVS reject) would normally indicate that the address/zip code that you had entered does not match the address/zip code with your card provider.

But i already called my credit card supplier and the address is correct and the card are working normally. So, i’m just waiting for the answer.

Did you solve your problem?


I’m in a holding pattern with my credit card support line.


The latest update from my the credit card company is that they got a request from C9 and there was an approval code given. It is on the C9 side that there is a problem.


Same problem here. =/


I’m not sure that anyone reads these posts. I wondering is there any way of including the handle of someone relevant in these posts.


I included you in a message to bradydowling (hope you don’t mind!). Hopefully, there will be a solution shortly.


Good idea. Waiting for the answer. =)


Hi gang,

Thanks a bunch for pinging me and for the personal message to @PedroKnoll. Just so you know, we do read these posts and I was following along but just wanted to make sure I had a solid plan of attack before I emerged from the shadows :blush:

Anyway, for right now, I don’t have a great universal solution for this but for those that have this issue, please email with your account info such as email address and last 4 digits of your CC (so we can inspect the payment attempt) then we’ll take a look at your specific situation and get you up and running on a case-by-case basis. :thumbsup:



I’m having the same problem here… trying to create my account at Cloud9, but my credentials are not createde because of the same error. I’m from Brazil and using an international credit card that never got this error message. Hope you could help me!



We’ve made some changes to how credit cards are verified and this avs issue should now be fixed. Please try this again and report if you see this error still.


I’m a brazilian too and I’m unable to create an account due to this “avs” error.
Just triple-checked all credit card information and it’s all correct, including my postal code.
I use this credit card for everything so I’m pretty sure it is not the problem here.



I’m from France and I still have the AVS bug can you help me please.


I started getting the AVS error now… i received a new credit card just a week ago and wanted to input the new card details but am unable to modify my payment method due to the “Gateway rejected: avs” error
PS. i live in Estonia(EU)


I also get this AVS error after receiving a new credit card. I’m also living in Estonia.

I sent an email to support last week after not being able to update billing info. But no answer so far from support. Perhaps I’m being ignored since my account is no longer premium due to the fact that the billing system does not allow me to update payment info?

I really do hope it gets solved somehow as I like the system, but to be honest I have started to look for alternatives.


Same error for me (living in France). I need to update my billing information quickly otherwise the payment would not proceed…