Free account resources


I’m looking for an environment where to work about some open source projects, like for example FreeCAD. Because it is a my presonal research project, I don’t have so much resources.
It’s not clear how many resources are available for a free account.
I understand that with a free account I can have unlimited workspaces, but I don’t about how much memory.

This deal is not clear from the presentation web page.

Could I have a clear explanation about that?
If I clone the FreeCAD project, inclusive of all dependencies, will I have space to develop new tools in a free account?


They’re not really clear on what the limit is for the free tier. By default a workspace is created with 512MB RAM and 2GB Disk Space, but you can resize it afterwards. I think the limit for free tier is 5GB Disk with 1GB RAM, but I’m not 100% sure.


How to be sure?

In a cloud9 workspace, will I have a terminal to use for example Ubuntu command to install dependencies, or other give ‘make’ commands?



Yup, it’s a fully functional VM.