Forward and Back Buttons on Preview Browser


I’m not sure why this hasn’t been implemented but when I’m browsing thru the preview browser, looking at my pages, I have a tendency to hit the back button like I normally do but when I do, it exits the IDE. It would be nice to have buttons to navigate the page and perhaps even update the address bar as one progresses, like a full browser behaves. The way it is now, kinda makes it tricky to use.



In the upper-right corner of the preview tab, you can “pop” the window out into an actual browser window.

Hope that helps!


I’m aware of that function but I was hoping for something within the IDE.


We would like the preview address bar to update on navigation and to add back and forward buttons. The issue is that browsers offer no options to observe navigation in a page running inside an iframe.

The only option I see is to get a script injected in the previewed page to communicate between the preview iframe and the parent IDE using window.postMessage(). In order to do that we would need to run a proxy server on the workspace VM and tunnel all requests through it.

If anybody has other ideas about implementing this feature we would appreciate your input.