serve not working


Hi, I configure a server for development of service. I installed npm, bower and a GIT repository of but when I try to launch the app it does not work with cloud9.

Can someone help me.


I believe you are trying to access the service over a port that isn’t allowed on c9. Try changing browsersync to output on port 8081 instead of 3000.

Cloud 9 only allows apps on ports 8080-8081-8082

I usually put browsersync on 8081 and broswersync ui on 8082.

Should work after that. Hope this helps!


Expanding on what @informatics_studio said, in order to prevent Cloud9 from being abused, they only allow you to use ports 8080, 8081, and 8082. You can use the $PORT and $IP environment variables, which contain port 8080 and the IP, respectively, in your command or code to run it on the correct ports.


Thankyou, it worked pretty well with your helpfull messages