Follow collaborator mode



We use C9 as a live pair programming environment but we find it’s easy to lose the other person if they switch tabs or simply move their cursor away too fast. There’s the “show location” action, but it takes time to dig it up in the menus.

Instead, we’d like to see a “follow collaborator” option where I can select a person from the collaborators list or click their cursor to start following them. Have my view follow along as they switch tabs, open tabs, move their cursor, etc.

Also, general highlighting of where other collaborators are in the environment would be great.

  • Highlight the part of the Workspace hierarchy they’re in with their cursor colour.
  • Highlight their current tab with their colour or avatar.

Finally, a “ping” would be nice to invite a collaborator to come to a particular tab/line to see what you’re referring to in a chat. Basically an invitation to “show my location”.


Really interesting. I had always wanted the follow collaborator feature but I like the other finer points you mentioned :thumbsup:


I came here looking for exactly this functionality. I wish I could +1 this more than just the <3.