Folder is not Writable


I am trying to get my YouTube PHP based setup going but I keep running into chmod issues.

I have myself zero experience with chmod and after several tries I still haven´t been able to solve the problem.

Would be awesome if someone can help me solve my problem on those 2 lines:
Thumbs cache folder (/home/ubuntu/workspace/storage/cache/thumbs) is not writeable
Media thumbs storage folder (/home/ubuntu/workspace/storage/media/thumbs) is not writeable



Can you provide a little more detail as to what you are trying to do? What file you are trying to access or change etc. and what privileges you expect to need. What the current permissions are for the file. ( $ls -l )
Thank you.



If you are running multiple OS on a single PC, make sure to have admin rights for the account that you are trying to edit the folder with.