"Find usages" for PHP



Coming from PhpStorm I’ve tested c9 today and I must say that I am very impressed.

I love the fast search (CMD+E)!

But is it right that these two features are missing?

  • “jump to definition”… hold CMD and left-click on a function to jump to its definition
  • “find usages”… right-click on a function and find all calls of this method

Is it somehow possible to extend c9 with this feature?


I thought goto definition was already there for PHP but I can’t be sure unless I opened up the IDE and tried it right now.

Find usages is indeed something that is missing and also something I’ve wished for several times. I’m interested in what the implementation is like that you’d want. When you click “find usages” does it just go to the next usage or does it show some sort of popup with a list of where that function is used?

Screenshots are worth a thousand words :wink:


“jump to definition” does not work with PHP :frowning:

“find usages”: I know it from PHPStorm (PHP) and Eclipse (Java). See this screenshot:


I think I’ve found a bug why “jump to definition” did not work:

Working example:

function test() {

And this does not work:

function test() {

If you add two HTML lines before the PHP open tag “jump to definition” does not work.


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