Find server url of nodejs application



I am trying to run wikijs on the c9 environment.

I am running node v7.10.1 and have installed wiki js via:

npm install wiki.js@latest

The installation works fine for me, but I cannot configure the environment as I do not find the node url.

I tried the following:

npm install c9config and running the following code:

var c9config = require("c9config"); 
c9config.isC9 // true or false depending wether on C9 or not. 
c9config.print() // prints an overview of the important information to console 

I got back:

│ c9 propertyName │ c9 value                       │
│ isC9            │ true                           │
│ name            │ wikijs                         │
│ owner           │ user                           │
│ ideUrl          │<user>/wikijs │
│ serveUrl        │ wikijs-<user>        │

My app runs on port 3000, so I tried: ikijs-<user>

However, this still gives me an empty page page.

Any suggestions how to find the correct url?

I appreciate your replies!


you need to change your app to run on port 8080, since only ports 8080 8081 and 8082 are open