Find in Files / Workspace not working as intended?


Hello all.

I’m working on a Rails project in the cloud9 ide. When attempting to search all files using Find in Files, I cannot find many of the search terms in any of my html.erb files and some of my rb files.


Searching for logged_in in your entire workspace (Found 0 matches in 0 files)

Found 0 matches in 0 files 

When there is a ~/code/rails_projects/alpha_blog/app/controllers/application_controller.rb

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  # Prevent CSRF attacks by raising an exception.
  # For APIs, you may want to use :null_session instead.
  protect_from_forgery with: :exception
  helper_method :current_user, :logged_in?

  def current_user
    @current_user ||= User.find(session[:user_id]) if session[:user_id]
  def logged_in?
  def require_user
    if !logged_in?
      flash[:danger] = "You must be logged in to perform that action."
      redirect_to root_path

And there are other html.erb files with logged_in being used like this

<% if logged_in? %>

I have set the Find in Files to search the entire workspace.

Anyone encounter an issue like this before?



The wording is a bit wrong, workspace means whole workspace folder including files in .gitignore, there is no way to search everything in whole vm, or in ~ dir