Files/terminals are not loading


While I was working everything just froze and stopped saving. So I waited awhile and nothing changed and I noticed maybe it was because I filled up my quota. But then my other workspaces work just fine. I got tired of waiting since I really need to work on this and so I upgraded to a $19 plan and it still wouldn’t budge… I tried restarting the workspace and it gives me an error.

Everything just not loading up. Please help. My username is jvu009


Having the same issue! Tried restarting the vm and it wouldn’t even reboot.


I am also having this issue. Restarting also gives me a timeout error. Tried using a different browser (thinking it might be client-site) but still nothing.

Hoping you/we get a resolution!


Just checked on the workspace you mentioned and it looks good now. I’m thinking this might have been related to the maintenance that was done yesterday, see this status (to check the status in the future, just head to