Files showing in strange directory


I am using the C9 IDE for Harvard’s CS50 edx course. I have a full time job and other responsibilities so a lot of the times when I am working I am very sleep deprived, mess things up without realizing and then the next day I don’t remember exactly what I did. It has usually only been about things related to the course which I have been able to figure out and fix so far. This time I messed something up on C9.

I can remember that I typed on the terminal “C9 …” (I meant to type “cd …”) and ever since I’ve had a hard time reaching my files. I have a bad track-pad and so, on top of what I had already done, I also accidentally dragged something somewhere within the workspace tab.

I am pretty sure that it changed some names that shouldn’t have been changed. Now some of the folders show “undefined” when highlighted. My “file system” is grayed out. And I find myself unable to download folders to be able to submit them for grading.

I remember that everything that I was trying made things worse, so I left it alone until I was able to get some sleep. Now that I have I have started to research to see if I can find something that will help me. I have yet to find anything, so I figured that I would ask here to see if someone has an idea what I did and how can I reverse it while I continue to search…

For reference, this is a picture of what I am looking at:

By selecting “show home in favorites” I was able to gain access to my “workspace” directory, but I still can’t download files as instructed by the course material. Whenever I try that, I get this:


I don’t know if this issue is completely unrelated or not.

I don’t know if this is the place to ask this sort of question, sorry if it is not. I’ll move it if necessary.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide me with this


OK, I figured how to fix it. I had to drag everything into the workspace directory. I had tried dragging each of the other directories into it individually and that was not enough. As soon as I dragged everything into it, it came back and everything started to work as intended.