Files/edits disappearing


I’m sorry, I have nothing reproducible. My students (several of them) have run into issues today where their edits (or the entire contents of their files) were just totally lost. In two cases, while I was helping students, we were looking at code they were editing, but the compiler was clearly not seeing the same code I was seeing. We made sure we were saving the files, and we also double checked that they were the right files, by double clicking on the files in the file browser.

In one case, when we subsequently closed the editor window (after saving!) and then re-opened the files, they were completely blank. In the other case, the files were there, but all of the student’s edits (several hours’ worth) were gone. Again, this was immediately after saving the files when the code was visible in the editor.

Is this a known issue, or is there a problem at the Cloud9 end? If this problem persists, it will make Cloud9 unusable.