Files content erased by orphaned sessions


I have an SSH workspace with many members. On multiple occasions they have reported going to a file and finding all the contents deleted.

What is common each time is the editor is reporting another user also has the file open, but in reality they do not. This user has always edited the file in the past, but no longer has it open.

I am assuming that somewhere the old file session is being held open, and the mismatch between the server and clients is causing the file contents to be erased.

In all instances the content can be recovered using the built in file revision history, but only if somebody notices. There is a huge risk that crucial files will be erased then cause unexpected build issues, despite the developers thinking they have left a file alone.

Can anyone suggest solutions for this?


What’s your Cloud9 username and workspace name? I don’t see any workspaces in the matt_whiteley account. I’ll take a look at the logs and see if I can figure out what’s going on.