File system viewer bug and editor bug



I have been using Cloud9 as my primary development environment for the past month and a half and I am really enjoying the ability to develop on any device and still have access to a terminal. However I have noticed the following two issues which have caused me much headache.

  1. The file system viewer added a folder labeled ‘…’ this folder linked to the root of my project, and is not visible in an ‘ls’ command output. I deleted this folder thinking it was random garbage and ended up deleting my entire project (thank god for source code control tools). I have no clue how this folder got there and I didn’t create it, its lack of visibility in the output of the ‘ls’ command makes me think this could be a Cloud9 related issue.

  2. I often develop on multiple machines in one day, I have experienced issues where I make a change on machine 1, and later view the file on machine 2 and everything looks fine, however when I close the file and reopen it on machine 2, occasionally all my changes I made from machine 1 will no longer be there.

In general I feel the documentation for the editor is a bit lacking and should include information/examples of what will happen when you do things like switch machines, or what ‘helpers’ Cloud9 will show you in the file tree but don’t actually exists as files in the workspace.

  1. I haven’t seen this before but clearly this is especially sensitive. Thankful for source code control but we’ll look into this.
  2. This can also use some love in terms of UX but is recoverable via File Revision History. This normally happens when users share workspaces with one another so the explanation is shown here.


Ahh yes I see the documentation for the lost code now. I don’t have any suggestions to where to move that documentation but it does seem very buried in there. For instance as the only user of my workspaces I never thought to even look at the ‘Share a workspace’ documentation, and even if I did the part that I care about is at the very bottom.

Maybe have a whole section for gotchas? It would be nice to have a single location for new users to go where they can learn the quirks of developing in the cloud.

Either way thank you for the quick response, and an easy fix for my lost code next time I run into the issue.


Excellent, thank you for the feedback. Hopefully this thread should become more visible over time but we’ll also work on ways of educating or preventing this situation in general.


I just wanted to update that I have a reproducible case for this bug.

  1. Open a workspace
  2. Create a folder called test or anything really
  3. Create a file in the folder you created in step 2 with a .js extenstion
  4. Open that file and start typing a Node style require. For example var test = require(’…/…/test’)

The bug occurs when you are in a js file thats in a folder and you start a require statement and use a relative path thats more than one level deep. For example start typing ‘require(’ then add the first ‘…/’ wait a second and add a second ‘…/’ again wait a second and look in your file tree you will notice that there is a folder called ‘.’ or ‘…’

Might have something to do with the auto complete as it happens after it pops up when typing the require statement.

Also try doing stuff like this “var test = require(’./…/’)”

It doesn’t work every time and when you collapse and expand the folder containing the ghost folders they will disappear.

FYI don’t delete the ‘.’ or ‘…’ folders unless you want to say good bye to your code


Thank you for reporting this. I have made an internal issue about this and will let you know as soon as there are any updates on this.