File Revision History missing for 1 file



Relating to this Stack Overflow article , I am particularly looking for a revision (27 Sep 2015) of 1 file in my workspace that is over 3 years old.

I have history of all other files going back over a year and a half but this 1 file I am looking at in particular, which is the same age as the workspace, goes back to 6 Dec 2015 and no further.

Is there some way to find the missing revision and beyond ?


Backups are pretty tricky. We generally don’t advertise this (though that SO link you mentioned was an exception) because we can only sometimes do them on a case by case basis. When we do restore a backup, it will restore the whole workspace and overwrite all other files with older versions (this might preclude this case from working). Of course backups aren’t available for SSH workspaces so that adds to why we don’t have an official policy on backups.

All this being said, we pride ourselves on the reliability of Cloud9 but still advise you to backup your code with version control or some other means. No matter where you store your code, it is good practice to keep backups.