File preview prevents the browser developer tools from being opened



File preview prevents the browser developer tools from being opened. I really wish it didn’t do that.

Using Google Chrome on Windows 10.

I’ve been using C9 for at least a year and it’s always done this.


Could you tell us some more details in which case it does that?
I tried opening live preview inside the ide, and then right clicking and selecting inspect, and that worked.


It occurs with the popout preview in a regular browser tab. Right clicking and selecting Inspect does work. Though I normally click the F12 and that doesn’t work.

Here’s some more observations:

  • Opening the developer’s console via Ctrl + Shift + I doesn’t work either.
  • The F5, F6, and F11 keys don’t work either.
  • The F1 key does work.
  • Reloading the page doesn’t change anything.
  • Deleting the _c9_id=livepreview0&_c9_host= query params does solve the issue.
  • Copying the preview URL (including the c9 query params) and pasting into a new tab also solves the issue.
  • Use the developer tools to step through and debug JavaScript freezes the IDE that the preview window is attached to.

It seems as though the preview tab is somehow still connected to the IDE and C9 is listening to certain keybindings and swallowing them.


What is the meaning of right-clicking and how can I do that on a windows laptop.I have been double-clicking and then edit the file.Then, to inspect the page,i usually press Ctrl+Shift+I and it opens the developer tools.

Is there a better way to inspect a page automatically?