File is emptied when open


Good afternoon,

I am working with three people in a project in c9. When we open some of the files, they appear as empty. One of my colleagues has tried to recover a previous version of the file from the file history tool provided by c9… but then the file gets emptied again (he has tried many times and has got R/W permission).

Has this happened to anyone? Do you know what could be done to solve this issue?

Thanks for your help!


Hey @alvarocaceres,

Have you looked over these docs yet on the topic:

Is the project open, if so may you share the workspace URL? :hand: :link:


I’m having this same issue. How did you fix it?


We simply pressed F5 several times and we could see the contents again. I’m sorry for not having investigated after that, but we were in a hurry and simply forgot the issue.